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Introduction to Probability | 365 Data Science Online Course

Introduction to Probability | 365 Data Science Online Course

In this course, we will cover some of the fundamental theory you need in order to proceed further and learn more about fascinating topics such as machine and deep learning. We will start with the fundamental blocks of probability theory and build a solid foundation, which will help us create our first probability frequency distribution.

Once we have the basics, we will go deeper. Bit by bit, we will start unfolding the power of Combinatorics. We will explore Permutations, how to compute them, and how to apply them to real-life scenarios. We will take some extra time to clarify the difference between variations and permutations, which will be explained mathematically, graphically, and through real-life examples! We will go over examples in each field which are impossible to comprehend without a solid understanding of the fundamentals of probability.

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